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Tug of War Ropes

Tug of war is an incredibly fun, competitive game to play at parties, social gatherings, or any other sort of get-together, on a small or large scale. There are no limitations for the game: anyone of any size can join in on a game of tug of war, making it one of the most accessible outdoor games ever invented. To help everyone get prepared for the game, both Tug Of War Ropes.com and Kiddie Toys.com are here to provide you with a multitude of great ropes for all to enjoy. Have a look!

At KiddieToys.com, we offer a wide variety of tug of war ropes that will lead to fun, friendly competition from all ages and sizes. Our tug of war ropes are made with a variety of materials and sizes, stretching anywhere from 25 to 100 feet long! All of our ropes are waterproof and mildew-resistant, so you can play with our ropes for a long, long time.

The basic types of tug of war ropes available on our site are the soft-spun poly ropes. Ropes like the 25’ Spun Poly Tug Of War Rope is woven softly with poly materials that are easy to grip. Ropes like these and their various sizes are a prime candidate for use by gym classes and activities in school. Another type of material our tug of war ropes are available in is unmanila. Unmanila ropes are made from a manufactured poly-like material, which ends up being softer, lighter, and easier to produce than a straight, basic manila rope. Unmanila ropes in our catalog include the 100' Premium Unmanila Tug-Of War Rope, but unmanila ropes are also available in sizes of 50 feet and 75 feet.

Some of the ropes we have come with additional accessories to make the games you play easier for a wider audience. Ropes like the 20 Loop 37' Easy-Grip Tug-Of War Rope have hand loops sewn along the entirety of the rope for easier gripping and giving each player an equal handle on the rope and a chance to make a difference in the game. Another special feature to be found in certain ropes is having a center flag attached to the middle of the rope, allowing judging of the winner to be far easier and requiring no additional materials. Center flags can be found on ropes like the 100’ Deluxe Poly Tug-Of-War Rope.

The ultimate showdown of the warm spring and summer months is coming soon. Who’s stronger than all the rest? Who can pull their way to the tug of war crown? Buy your tug of war rope from KiddieToys.com today and find out!


Tug o’ War Ropes

Tug of war is a popular sport played by many people all over the world. Tug of war is also commonly known as tug o' war and tug war. Tug of war actually has a very rich history, dating back to ancient times with records showing the game being played in countries such as Egypt and India. The game most likely had its origins as a religious ceremony representing the battle between the forces of good and evil. Nowadays tug of war is a sport that is accessible to everyone!